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Annual Inspection Services

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Paramotor Annual Inspection


  • Correct mount orientation
  • Prop “waggle” sideways to axis
  • Twist tips to discover splits or cracks
  • Check for any visual signs of damage
  • Clearance to frame check
  • Check bolt tightness and torque
  • Check tips relative to frame for symmetry

Reduction system/gear box

  • Check breather
  • Excess noise when running
  • Move prop shaft to check bearing play and mounting bolts
  • Check for oil leaks around seals

Belt drives

  • Check belt tension and condition
  • Check for residue (belt debris)
  • Pulleys in line and belt running true
  • Pulley and bearing play

Exhaust system

  • Exhaust “waggle” for excessive play (frame contact)
  • Exhaust outlet direction (safe)
  • Cracks and corrosion (especially near engine)
  • Mounting bolts and anti vibration rubbers condition
  • Free movement of joints (graphite lubrication)
  • Safety lock wires on
  • Clear of fuel and electrical components
  • No obvious exhaust gas leaks

Fuel system

  • Fuel tank secure, straps & bolts
  • Fuel tank condition
  • Caps and seals – thread conditions – all tightly closed
  • Fuel tank breather system open and functioning
  • Replace and Gap Spark Plug
  • Fuel lines – condition, routing & security
  • Replace all fuel lines
  • Replace all fuel filters
  • Clean Air filter – in place, clean and security wire attached
  • Carb secure, check for induction leaks, return spring, choke lever, cable condition and primer bulb system
  • Throttle cable, routing, secure ends, good condition & free movement
  • Cruise control off

Electrical system

  • Kill switch – wiring & operation
  • Ignition/main switch (electric start isolation switch)
  • Battery secure and charged
  • Battery terminals for corrosion & security
  • Earth leads secure & in good condition
  • HT lead and coil connections
  • Plug cap secure

Starter mechanism

  1. Manual
  • Pull cord condition & routing
  • Return spring and ratchet working
  • Length of cord
  • Pulley system condition & security
  1. Electrical
  • Condition of starter ring and starter motor secure
  • Return spring working
  • Greased
  • Electrical connections secure (no chaffing)


  • Alignment
  • Mountings condition & fastenings
  • Leaks – cylinder head & base, main bearing
  • Castings for cracks
  • Cooling cowlings condition & security
  • Clean engine
  • Re-torque all manufacturer recommended torque points


  • Straightness & geometry
  • Frame “waggle” listen for clicks (welding cracks)
  • Inspect welded joints
  • Netting tension & security
  • All fastenings
  • Frame segments fitting correctly
  • Hang points and attachments


  • General condition of webbing & stitching
  • Buckles clean and working correctly
  • Symmetry in general fitting
  • Mountings
  • Mallions tight and locked off
  • Adjustment mechanisms
  • Karabiner width approx 42cm
  • Speed bar/stirrup mechanism inc. stowing
  • Pockets secure
  • Reserve mounted correctly, reserve handles release ok
  • D Shackles, check bolts for wear

Wing to Paramotor

  • Karabiners clean in good condition, locking system working, back up system (if fitted) and gates facing inwards
  • Speed system fitted correctly for pilot & wing
  • Pulleys running free
  • Lines and attachments in good condition
  • Karabiners to harness/webbing wear (no metal to metal contact)